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    2015 SoCal Blending Conference

    On March 14-15, 2015, approximately 4,000 saints from the 51 churches in Southern California (and Las Vegas) came together to enjoy the ministering of the Word.

    The first three messages from the 2015 International Chinese-speaking Conference (held in Taipei, Taiwan) were digested by the speaking brothers in a blended way.

    The general subject of the conference was: “The Main Contents of the Lord’s Recovery”


    The conference handouts can be downloaded here:
    1.  Message 1
    2.  Message 2
    3.  Message 3


    The conference videos can be viewed here:

    Message 1 – Saturday, 3/14, afternoon session

    Message 2 – Saturday, 3/14, evening session

    Message 3 – Lord’s Day, 3/15, morning session


    To play the audio of any message, click the appropriate link below. To download any message, right click on a link and “Save as…” (or something similar):

    Message 1: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese

    Message 2: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese

    Message 3: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese


    To listen any of the conference messages, press play on the relevant audio player below.

    Message 1 – Sat. PM1 – 5/14/2015
    [audio: http://login.churchinirvine.org/audio/files/special_gatherings/2015%2003%2014%20-%20SCBC%2001%20(English).mp3]
    Message 2 – Sat. PM2 – 5/14/2015
    [audio: http://login.churchinirvine.org/audio/files/special_gatherings/2015%2003%2014%20-%20SCBC%2002%20(English).mp3]
    Message 3 – L.D. AM – 5/15/2015
    [audio: http://login.churchinirvine.org/audio/files/special_gatherings/2015%2003%2015%20-%20SCBC%2003%20(English).mp3]


    If you enjoyed something from the fellowship or have a related testimony, please post a comment below to share your enjoyment.

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