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Report from India: Literature Distribution at the World Christian EXPO

The Lord gave us the wisdom during the EXPO to clarify some of the common questions, such as who we are, who Witness Lee was, the relationship between Watchman and Witness Lee, the local church, Living Stream Ministry, and the Recovery Version of the Bible. The Lord answered the prayer of the Body and gave us the grace, wisdom, and anointing to clarify these questions. After every speaking, many of the people would buy the ministry books and the Recovery Version Bible. Here are some testimonies from the time:

  • A foreign pastor sent to India came running to our stall on seeing the pamphlet, “Watchman Nee & Witness Lee” and exclaimed, “We have been following Watchman Nee’s teaching since the very beginning of our Christian life. We are also aware that Witness Lee is the closest co-worker of Watchman Nee. So we are reading the books by these two brothers. Is there anyone in India who follows and practices the same teaching? He was so surprised that he never knew about us. Later, he was introduced to the brothers in the church in Bengaluru.
  • A sister received a used book of HWMR a few years ago. She was so much helped by the truth in the ministry that we are “one with Christ”. Since then she searched for Witness Lee’s books in the Christian bookstores, but to her dismay, she was told that they do not keep Witness Lee’s books. She found us at the Christian Expo and was so excited to finally find the ministry books she had been longing for. She and her family were then introduced to the saints in the church in Bengaluru, and the following Lord’s day, her brother came for the Lord’s table meeting!
  • A family came from a nearby city on hear- ing that there was a stall with Watchman Nee’s books in the Expo. They gathered all the titles we had on display and joyfully narrated how much they have been helped by brother Nee’s writings. In fact, they also translated some books by Nee into their local language and offered their service for the translation of the ministry books.
  • A brother saw our pamphlet from some- one and came to the Expo waiting for us even before we opened the stall. He was so excited to meet us, and enquired about all that is happening in the local churches.
  • Another brother came and testified that from the beginning of his Christian life he was so helped by brother Watchman Nee’s writings. Since then he reads only Watchman Nee’s books. Furthermore, he said he will read only Nee’s book as he would not allow himself to be polluted by many other Christian books. As we introduced brother Witness Lee’s books too, he promised to order the whole set of The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The Collected Works of Witness Lee and The Life-Study of the Bible.

There are many more positive responses and testimonies from this event. Due to limited space we only listed a few here. Nevertheless, we pray and believe that the interpreted word in the ministry will continue to flow out prevailingly, reaching many more thirsty and seeking believers all over India. Glory be to God!

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