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    Fellowship with Saints from India

    This past Friday evening a number of saints from Irvine, Lake Forest and San Juan Capistrano had the opportunity and privilege to have a time of fellowship with 8 saints who are living and serving in India and who had recently attended the Summer Training in Anaheim. The time of fellowship was very sweet and the sharing of the saints from India was very infusing in giving the local saints a view and burden for the Lord’s move there. Through the saints sharing it was abundantly clear that the Lord’s move in India is a move of the one Body as a number of saints from other countries and gone there to serve and many others have gone there to blend for shorter periods of time.

    The brothers gave a brief summary of the Lord’s move there and the rapid growth of the churches in the past few years. In 1997 there were only 7 churches in India with a total of 150 saints, but today there are 123 churches with over 6,000 saints. The saints attribute this growth to the literature work, perfecting trainings to perfect the saints, the clustering of churches for the spread of the church life, and the preaching of the gospel to propagate.With India being a country of 17 main languages there is a definite need for the translation work, especially in the Hindi language. They have the burden that the Recovery Version would be translated into 7 languages by 2020 and that 500 churches would be raised up in that period of time. With 50% of India, a country of over 1 billion people, being under the age of 25 and 20% of the population being under the age of 12, there is the urgent need for the college work to be built up and the children’s work with neighborhood children’s meetings. As the Lord’s move in India is truly a move of the one Body, a move being borne by many outside of India, the saints from India asked for our prayers and encouraged us to come to India to visit for the blending of the one Body. May our prayer for the Lord’s move in India increase and may there be an increase in the circulation and fellowship of the Body in more saints visiting there to blend!

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