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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burdens: Sweden & India

Nordic Conference and Brothers’ Fellowship in Uppsala, Sweden (July 18-21)

  • Pray for the gathering of the saints and the release of the Lord’s enlightening and life-giving word through the ministering brothers.
  • Pray for the perfecting of the brothers so that the church life may uplifted and the churches may be built up.

The Lord’s Move in India – College and Children’s Work

  • Pray for the strengthening and building up of the college work in Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi that the Lord would have a way to reach and gain many young college students in these cities for His move in India and in that part of the earth.
  • With 1/5 of India’s population being under 12 years of age, pray for building up of the children’s work that the saints in India would have the wisdom and way to labor and contact the local Indian people through the children in the neighborhoods.

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