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Message Titles from the Crystallization-Study of Genesis (2)

Message 1
Knowing and Experiencing the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob to Become the Israel of God

Message 2
Living by Faith—Being Today’s River Crossers to Live the Life of the Altar and the Tent

Message 3
The Seed for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose

Message 4
The Land for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose

Message 5
Enjoying Christ in His Heavenly Ministry by Fighting for the Brother

Message 6
The Allegory of the Two Women

Message 7
Living in Fellowship with God

Message 8
The God of Abraham Seen in His Dealings with Abraham

Message 9
Living a Grace-enjoying Life for God’s Good Pleasure

Message 10
Two Wells—Two Sources of Living

Message 11
The Offering of Isaac and Experiencing God as the One Who Gives Life to the Dead

Message 12
A Practical Living in Oneness with the Lord and a Type of Christ Marrying the Church

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