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Banners from the Crystallization-Study of Genesis (2)

Banner 1
We need to know and experience the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob to become the Israel of God, the church in the Triune God.

Banner 2
If we would walk in the steps of Abraham’s faith,we must be those who live the life of the altar and the tent, taking Christ as our life and the church as our living to live a life of being transfused by God, consecrating our all to God, and taking His presence as our road map.

Banner 3
The God of Abraham is the God of speaking in His appearing, with calling, in a vision, and in the human friendship, to unveil to His intimate friend on the earth what He aspired for him to be and what He wanted him to do according to His heart’s desire for the accomplishment of the eternal economy for the Divine Trinity.

Banner 4
After we offer to God what we have received of Him and what He has wrought into us He will return it to us in resurrection, and we will believe in and experience God as the God of resurrection for the fulfillment of His purpose.

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