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Testimonies from Irvine-Sent and Irvine-Related Trainees

We continue reporting testimonies written by our Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees regarding their enjoyment and experience in the FTTA for the encouragement and exhortation of all the saints.

Dear saints,

Pre-training concluded last week and now we are heading into week 1 of the training. Many of the trainees including myself were either coming out of sickness or contracted one during the pre-training week. But praise the Lord through all the prayers and practical care in His Body, we are back to the regular training schedule.

Although I missed 3 days of pre-training, I appreciated that the Lord speaks the same thing to the members of  His Body regardless of where they are. Christ who is the ascended Lord and Head is not limited by time and space! So this week I enjoyed that grace is our trainer. We are being trained by grace to enjoy grace in any kind of environment. Yes, training is for the church life, but the goal of training is not for this age but for the kingdom age.

We are being trained in this age to live the kingdom life. We can see such a pattern in Daniel. Daniel saw clearly the vision of the turning of the age from captivity in Babylon to the return of God’s people back to Jerusalem. Thus Daniel joined himself to the vision he saw in God’s word and it regulated and governed his living. He was not influenced or discouraged by any outward circumstance, even in the face of death. Rather he lived another life, not the Babylonian life, but a holy life of prayer, with vital companions, and even had a diet regulated by God. This life was a living for the turn of the age. In Babylon, he lived as if he was in Jerusalem. Likewise for us, if we see the vision that this age will turn from the present age to the kingdom, we must join ourselves to this word and be open for grace to train us and regulate us, to live the kingdom life. In this way, the kingdom life in us will grow and we will be today’s age turners.

It may sound intimidating (at least I was a little), but I also appreciated this simple prayer that will spontaneously carry this out, “Lord I turn my heart to You!” Praying this prayer every morning and throughout the day will keep us in a loving relationship with the Lord, which issues in a life of cooperation, for the carrying out of God’s economy, to consummate this age and bring in the New Jerusalem!

In Christ,

—Grace Chiu

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