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Word of the Week: “Worship” (83 of 84)

The Word of the Week, drawn sequentially from the 72 Precious Words (later expanded to 84 Precious Words) released in a local perfecting conference from 4/29 to 5/10 is below:


From The Conference Handout…

Scriptures: Exo. 34:14; 1 Chron. 16:29; Psa. 45:11; Matt. 4:10; John 4:23; John 4:24

Footnotes: Psa. 45:112; Matt. 15:91; John 4:243; Heb 9:145

Hymns: 35; 611; 1169

Pray Over These Key Verses…

Exo. 34:14: (For you shall not worship any other god; for Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God),

1 Chron. 16:29: Ascribe to Jehovah the glory of His name; / Bring an offering, and come before Him. / Worship Jehovah in holy splendor.

Psa. 45:11: Thus the King will desire your beauty. / Because He is your Lord, / Worship Him.

Matt. 4:10: Then Jesus said to him, Go away, Satan! For it is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.”

John 4:23: But an hour is coming, and it is now, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truthfulness, for the Father also seeks such to worship Him.

John 4:24: God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.

Read Some Helpful Footnotes…

Psa. 45:112: In v. 1 Christ is the King, in v. 2 He is a man, in v. 6 He is God, and in this verse He is the Lord. As the Lord of the church, Christ is worthy not only of the church’s love but also of her worship.

Matt. 15:91: This reveals that some worship offered to God may be in vain. The main cause of this is to consider as teachings the commandments of men. We must worship God according to His word, which is the truth.

John 4:243: This word was given to instruct the Samaritan woman regarding her need to exercise her spirit to contact God the Spirit. To contact God the Spirit with the spirit is to drink of the living water, and to drink of the living water is to render real worship to God.

Heb 9:145: This book does not teach religion; rather, it reveals the living God (3:12; 9:14; 10:31; 12:22). To touch this living God we need to exercise our spirit (4:12) and have a blood-purified conscience in our spirit.

Sing These Hymns…

Hymn #35

1.Blest Father of glory, we worship:
Thy greatness surpasses our praise;
We bless Thee Thy Spirit within us
Gives pow’r to these heavenly lays.

2.We think of the Man in Thy presence,
Set down there, exalted as Head;
Once raised by the might of Thy power,
When numbered along with the dead.

3.We think of the glory that chose us,
‘Twas Thine, blessed Father, the Source;
The glory of love that redeemed us
Through Jesus, the Man of Thy choice.

4.As marked out beforehand for sonship,
We praise now the glory of grace
And bow in Thy presence and worship,
As conscious, in Christ, of our place.

Hymn #611 (stanzas 1 – 5)

1.God’s glorious substance Spirit is,
His essence, holy and divine;
To contact God and Him enjoy,
His Spirit I must touch with mine.

2.The spirit is the innermost,
The part of man most deep and real;
If he would contact God in life,
’Tis with the spirit he must deal.

3.The worship which the Father seeks
Is in the spirit’s strength alone;
His Spirit into man’s would come,
That His and man’s may thus be one.

4.When Spirit unto spirit calls
The two commingle and are one;
Man’s spirit is the Spirit’s home,
The Spirit doth man’s life become.

5.Man’s spirit must God’s Spirit touch
If in God’s fulness he would live;
’Tis only with the spirit thus
That he to God may worship give.

Hymn #1169 (stanzas 1 – 6)

1.Our worship in reality
Is typified in Moses’ law:
With Canaan’s produce, rich and sweet,
All Israel came and worshipped God.

2.‘Tis thus that we must come today
To worship in reality:
When we bring Christ as produce sweet
God fully satisfied will be.

3.The worship that God so desired
Was not with manna sent from heav’n,
But from their labor on the land
The people’s gifts to God were giv’n.

4.Thus, what God so desires today.
Are not the miracles so grand,
But daily, normal life in Christ,
As worship, produce of the land.

5.The manna came from God alone;
The produce, from man’s work on Him.
So all our worship now must come
From mingling with the Lord within.

6.As day by day we live in Christ,
And take Him as our everything,
The produce of the land comes forth
And worship true to God we’ll bring.

Continue Steadfastly In The Ministry…

In [John 4] verse 24 the Lord said, “God is Spirit; and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and reality.” To worship God is to contact God, to enjoy God, and to partake of all He is. Worshipping God is a matter of taking God into us. It is not merely objective, but also subjective. This is proved by the fact that on the one hand, in this chapter the Lord speaks about worship and, on the other hand, about drinking the living water (v. 14). If we put verses 14 and 24 together, we shall see that to drink of the living water is to worship God. Moreover, worshipping God by our spirit and in our spirit is the real drinking of the living water, which is God Himself. God Himself is the Spirit, and this Spirit is the living water. We drink this living water by worshipping God. Hence, drinking of God and worshipping Him are synonymous. We all must drink the very God who is the living water, the Spirit. (Life-Study of John, Chapter 51)

In ancient times, God ordained that His people worship Him at the appointed place and with the offerings. The people could not worship God at any place they chose and they could not worship Him without the offerings. They needed the offerings because they were sinful. When they came to contact God, they had to offer many types of offerings—the trespass offering, the sin offering, the peace offering, the meal offering, the burnt offering, the wave offering, and the heave offering. All the offerings were types of the various aspects of Christ. Christ is our real trespass offering. He is also our real sin offering, meal offering, peace offering, and burnt offering. Today, instead of worshipping God in a specific place, we should worship Him in our spirit. Furthermore, instead of offerings, we should worship Him with Christ as the reality of all the offerings. (Life-Study of John, Chapter 12)

In Matthew 4:10 the Lord added the words, “You shall worship the Lord your God,” to the first commandment in Exodus. God wants worship. The meaning of the word worship in Hebrew is “to kneel down.” The meaning of this word in Greek is “to go forward to kiss the hand” and give everything to Him… Worship is confessing that He is God…. Worshipping is giving God that which one day will be exclusively His. Christ is the firstfruit. We give Him now what one day the world will give Him. We should not wait for the new heaven and new earth to come before we worship God. Now in the old creation, we can worship Him. At this time we want to give special worship to God, because Satan is getting worship for himself more and more. If we are defeated in worship, we will be defeated in other things. (Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 46: Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (6), Chapter 42)

We learn to walk step by step. If we want to learn to walk before God, we will have no future unless we can learn to worship the ways of God—not just to worship God. Our entire spiritual future hinges on our ability to worship the ways of God. Thus, all who know God must be brought to the point of saying, “I worship the ways of God. I worship the things that God has ordained for me. I worship the things God has done to me. I worship God for what He is pleased to do in me. I worship God for the things He strips from me.”

What is worship? Worship is giving glory to God when He has His way with us. Giving glory to God is worship. Have I made myself sufficiently clear? I hope that we would see the connection between glory and worship. Giving glory to God is worshipping Him. The glory we give to God can never be more than worship. Bowing before Him is the worship He receives from us. Worship is being able to bow before God and say to Him, “I submit to You.” The proud cannot worship God. Proud people can never worship God because when their way is prosperous, they attribute it to their own ability or to chance. (Worshipping the Ways of God, Chapter 1)

Toward the end of our fellowship, if there is still time, we should also worship God. It is rather difficult to describe exactly what worship is and what our inner condition should be when we worship. We may say that worship is a lingering before God. We should not simply get up and leave as soon as we have finished praising and thanking God. No, we should linger before Him a little longer. This kind of lingering is the issue of our heart’s desire for God. It involves beholding, waiting, and inquiring; we behold God’s glory, lingering before Him to wait on Him and inquire of Him. This is not an inquiring related to specific things. Instead, it is a waiting out of a desire to know His will. All these things are included in worshipping. (Lessons for New Believers, Chapter 23)


All verses and footnotes are taken from the The Holy Bible Recovery Version.

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