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    Local Perfecting Conference and Business Meeting- March 2-3

    The church in Irvine will have a local perfecting conference and a business meeting on the weekend of March 2-3 to cover the conference subject of “A Prayer Life and a Gospel Living” with the following schedule:

    Saturday, March 2

    9:00-10:30a: Session #1 @ Hall 3
    10:45-12:00n: Session #2 @ Hall 3
    7:30-9:30p: Session #3 @ Hall 1 (including the young people)

    Lord’s Day, March 3

    9:30-10:30a: Corporate Lord’s Table (the whole church @ Hall 1)
    10:30-11:45a: Session #4 @ Hall 1
    11:45-12:00p: Business Meeting @ Hall 1
    12:00p: Church-provided love feast

    Please note: The whole church will meet together for all sessions, including those on Lord’s Day, March 3.

    Parking: Please carpool as much as possible (especially on Lord’s Day). Parking in the parking lot should be reserved for those cars with 3 or more occupants, the elderly, and those with children. On Lord’s Day, all trainees and students should park at Venado Middle School on Deerfield Ave. (a 10 minute walk across Deerfield Community Park from Hall 1).

    Love Feast: Following the Lord’s Day morning meetings, there will be a church provided love feast. Please remain to enjoy the blending with the saints.

    One Response to Local Perfecting Conference and Business Meeting- March 2-3

    1. Rachel Lee says:

      I would like to listen to these messages as I missed this conference. Where can I go to get the messages? Thanks!

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