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Word of the Week: “Exult” (81 of 84)

The Word of the Week, drawn sequentially from the 72 Precious Words (later expanded to 84 Precious Words) released in a local perfecting conference from 4/29 to 5/10 is below:


From The Conference Handout…

Scriptures: Psa. 9:14; Psa. 35:9; Psa. 68:4; Psa. 118:24; Isa. 61:10; Luke 1:47; Rom. 5:2; 2 Cor. 5:13; 1 Pet. 1:8; 1 Pet. 4:13

Footnotes: Psa. 68:41; Rom. 5:24; 2 Cor. 5:131

Hymns: 113 ; 367; When I’ve Run the Race

Pray Over These Key Verses…

Psa. 9:14: That I may tell out all Your praises / And, in the gates of the daughter of Zion, exult in Your salvation.

Psa. 35:9: Then my soul will exult in Jehovah; / It will rejoice in His salvation.

Psa. 68:4: Sing to God; sing psalms to His name; / Triumph in Him who rides through the deserts— / For Jah is His name—and exult before Him.

Psa. 118:24: This is the day that Jehovah has made; / Let us exult and rejoice in it.

Isa. 61:10: I will rejoice greatly in Jehovah, / My soul will exult in my God; / For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, / He has wrapped me with the robe of righteousness; / I am like a bridegroom who wears the headdress of the priest, / And like a bride who adorns herself with her jewels.

Luke 1:47: And my spirit has exulted in God my Savior.

Rom. 5:2: Through whom also we have obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand and boast because of the hope of the glory of God.

2 Cor. 5:13: For whether we were beside ourselves, it was to God; or whether we are sober-minded, it is for you.

1 Pet. 1:8: Whom having not seen, you love; into whom though not seeing Him at present, yet believing, you exult with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.

1 Pet. 4:13: But inasmuch as you share in the sufferings of Christ, rejoice, so that also at the revelation of His glory you may rejoice exultingly.

Read Some Helpful Footnotes…

Psa. 68:41: Indicating that Israel, God’s elect, triumphed in God and exulted before Him in His move on the earth. Today we too should exult in the move of God on earth from Christ’s incarnation to His ascension.

Rom. 5:24: Boast in Greek also has the meaning of exult. This indicates our enjoyment of God. (So in the next verse.)

2 Cor. 5:131: I.e., mad, as a fool, for God’s glory (Acts 26:24-25). The apostles’ ecstasy was not an excitement out of folly, but it was to God and with God for His glory.

Sing These Hymns…

Hymn #113

1.How pleasant is the sound of praise!
It well becomes the saints of God;
Should we refuse our songs to raise,
The stones might tell our shame abroad.

2.For Him Who washed us in His blood,
Let us our sweetest songs prepare;
He sought us wandering far from God,
And now preserves us by His care.

3.One string there is of sweetest tone,
Reserved for sinners saved by grace;
‘Tis sacred to one class alone
And touched by one peculiar race.

4.Though angels may with rapture see
How mercy flows in Jesus’ blood,
It is not theirs to prove, as we,
The cleansing virtue of this flood.

5.Though angels praise the heavenly King,
And worship Him as God alone,
We can with exultation sing,
“He wears our nature on the throne.”

6.Lord, we adore Thy wondrous love,
Which brought Thee here to bleed and die
That Thou lost sinners may restore
And to the Father bring them nigh.

Hymn #367

1.Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
Thy love has conquered me;
Beneath Thy Cross I die to self,
And live alone to Thee.

Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
Nor creed, nor form, nor word,
Nor holy Church, nor human love,
Compare with Thee, my Lord!

2.Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
My inmost being fill;
So shall I think as Thou dost think,
And will as Thou dost will.

3.Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
Thy life transfigure mine;
And through this veil of mortal flesh,
Lord, let Thy splendor shine.

4.Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ,
My soul exults in Thee;
To be Thy slave, to do Thy will,
Is my felicity.

When I’ve Run the Race, (stanzas 1 & 4 )

1.When I’ve run the race before me
And have fought to victory,
I’ll be raptured to the glory of the Lord;
When I’ve kept the faith at any cost,
The Holy City then
I’ll receive as my reward.

I’ll be raptured into glory,
In the Holy City dwell—
New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem;
With the overcomers shouting,
How our praises then will swell,
In the New Jerusalem.

4.With strong purpose I now wrestle,
And I run toward the goal;
I pursue the prize, God’s highest to obtain;
Pressing forward toward the mark,
I run forgetting all behind,
Thus the Holy City gain.

By His love and through His grace I’ll
In the Holy City live—
New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem;
All saints leaping, singing, shouting,
To the Lord their praises give,
In the New Jerusalem.

Continue Steadfastly In The Ministry…

In [1 Peter 1] verse 6 Peter continues, “In which [time, referring to “the time of the Lord’s coming (1 Pet. 1:56)”] you exult, though for a little while at present, if it must be, you have been made sorrowful by various trials.” The word “exult” is stronger than the word “rejoice.” To rejoice is to be joyful in an audible way; to exult is to rejoice with a full and complete release. When we exult, we are beside ourselves with rejoicing…. Verse 8 says, “Whom having not seen, you love; in whom, not seeing at present yet believing, you exult with unspeakable and glorified joy”…. we exult with unspeakable and glorified joy. This is a joy that it is beyond our ability to utter. Things that are wonderful are also unspeakable. In this verse Peter uses a special expression— “glorified joy.” Glorified joy is joy immersed in the expression of God. (Life-Study of 1 Peter, Chapter 10)

According to [Romans 5] verse 11, we also are boasting in God. Boast has the meaning of exult and glory. We are boasting, exulting, and glorying in God because we are being saved in His life. To exult is to be crazily happy. While we are being saved in the life of Christ, we should not be too quiet. Every day we have to boast, exult, and glory. This should be the expression of our salvation in the life of Christ. (The Experience and Growth in Life, Chapter 16)

To boast and exult is to be beside ourselves with joy; it means to have God as our boast and our exultation, indicating that God is our enjoyment and our rejoicing. It is in boasting, in exulting, and in enjoying in this way that we are being saved in the life of Christ. It is worthwhile for us to boast, exult, and glory in God through Christ. Christ is the Life-Savior, saving us in His life and causing us to boast, exult, and glory in God through Him. (Conclusion of the New Testament, The (Msgs. 295-305), Chapter 3)

For a Christian to be beside himself does not mean that he is beside himself with insanity. Rather, he is beside himself in a proper way. This kind of being beside oneself does not make one silly in actions and words; it is being beside oneself to God. Such a one is clear in his actions and words. He is sober-minded before men, but beside himself to God. The Bible tells us that both the Lord and the believers were considered by others to be crazy. Others may have felt sorry for Paul. He was educated, capable, and could do many things. Yet he chose to follow a supposedly dead man from Nazareth, and he preached that this One had risen from the dead. However, God was pleased with Paul because Paul was a man who was beside himself to God. Only such people can genuinely work for the Lord. Today the Lord is seeking for a group of men who are beside themselves for God’s work. If there is not such a group of men, the Lord’s work will not see any result. The Lord is after a group of people who are sober-minded before men but who are beside themselves to God. He can only use such men, and only such men can accomplish God’s will and glorify His name. How many people in the church today are beside themselves to God? The more people there are who are beside themselves in the church, the brighter the future of the church will be. The church surely needs a group of people who are beside themselves. (Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 41: Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (1), Chapter 28)

Psalm 68:4 says, “Sing to God; sing psalms to His name; /Triumph in Him who rides through the deserts—/For Jah is His name—and exult before Him.” This indicates that Israel, God’s elect, triumphed in God, who rode through the deserts, and exulted before Him. Today we should triumph and exult in the move of God on earth, in His move from incarnation to ascension. (Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 27)


All verses and footnotes are taken from the The Holy Bible Recovery Version.

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