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Prayer Burdens

Suggested Direction for Prayer

The following points are offered as suggested directions for the prayer of the saints and the churches. These are not meant to be received as a formality or a legality that would limit our prayer in any way. No list of prayer burdens can replace our living contact with the resurrected and ascended Christ, who intercedes on the throne and in our spirit and who alone can supply us with the genuine burden and utterance for our prayer (Rom. 8:26, 34; Heb. 7:25).     

Day 6 – Lord’s Day, Jan. 6

The vitalization of the saints and the churches in the Lord’s recovery through the exercise and practice of all the aspects of the God-ordained way to become the living testimony of Jesus in all the localities for an anti-testimony to the degradation around us.

Day 7 – Monday, Jan. 7

The building up of the local churches for the building up of the organic Body of Christ through the growth in life of all the saints unto maturity to consummate the New Jerusalem as the eternal, corporate expression of the processed and consummated Triune God.

Day 8 – Tuesday, Jan. 8

The continuation of the ministry of prayer in all the churches for the intercession concerning the world situation and the Lord’s move in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australasia, and Israel, for the consummation of this age.

The following points are offered as suggested directions for the prayer of the saints and the churches specifically related to the Lord’s move in North America:

Day 9 – Wednesday, Jan. 9

The intensified preaching of the high gospel, the propagation of the word of the ministry, and the establishment of new local churches, for the increase and spread of the Lord’s testimony.

Day 10 – Thursday, Jan. 10

The people who are predestinated by God: (1) sinners to be saved and seeking believers to come to the full knowledge of the truth, (2) proper and useful ones to be gained for the recovery, and (3) a demographically proportionate number of local people to be added to the recovery.

Day 11 – Friday, Jan. 11

All ages of saints in the churches to function according to their capacity, especially in the raising up of the next generation—the children, young people, and college-age saints—for the Lord’s testimony according to His economy.

Day 12 – Saturday, Jan. 12

The growing ranks of young working saints (ages 20-40) in the churches, both the job-dropping and the job-keeping saints, including the graduates of the full-time training, to be strong in the spirit to overcome in order to live Christ for the church and to be normal functioning members in the service of the Body to bear the primary burden in the practical church life.

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