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Prayer Burdens

Detailed Prayer Burden

2012 Winter Training

  • Pray for the word released in the Winter Training on Daniel and Zechariah to operate in all the churches that God would gain in these days a people in whom Christ will have the preeminence in all things, a people in whom Christ is the centrality (first) and universality (everything) in their being and living.
  • Pray that all the churches would be brought into and kept in the experience of Christ as everything, that God’s temple would be built up and that the churches would become the very reproduction of Christ and the reprint of the Spirit.
  • Pray that the Lord would gain in all the churches, through the ministry of prayer, a corporate Daniel standing for God’s interest on earth to bring in God’s kingdom on this earth.
  • Pray that the saints in the churches would live under the light of the Lord’s appearing that we would not love the present age but love His appearing and eagerly await it.

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