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Praying in the New Year

As has been our practice in past years, the church in Irvine will usher in the New Year with prevailing prayer on the evening of Mon., Dec. 31, from 10pm-12midnight at Hall 1.

Having concluded three weeks of intercessory prayer followed by a glorious training in which one characteristic of Daniel (who was presented as a pattern of a person used by God to turn the age) was  that he was a man of prayer with an excellent spirit, let us afford God the highest cooperation by continuing to be faithful channels of prayer for God’s move on the earth.

Let us come together to bring in the kingdom of God in 2013 by laying the tracks for the sevenfold intensified Spirit to move with, in, and through the Body all over the earth for God’s building, His corporate expression, and the exercise of His rule and authority!

“Persevere in prayer, watching in it with thanksgiving.” (Col. 4:2)

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