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Prayer Burdens

Suggested Direction for Prayer

The following points are offered as suggested directions for prayer. These are not meant to be received as a formality or a legality that would limit our prayer. No list of burdens can replace our living contact with the resurrected and ascended Christ, who intercedes on the throne and in our spirit and who alone can supply us with the genuine burden and utterance for our prayer (Rom. 8:26, 34; Heb. 7:25).

Day 14 – Lord’s Day, Dec. 16                
The campus work and the community gospel work.

Day 15 – Monday, Dec. 17   
The full-time training (FTTA, FTTA-XB, FTTAMx, FTTA-MA), including the trainees, the trainers, and the serving ones.

Day 16 – Tuesday, Dec. 18
The services of and the serving saints at Living Stream Ministry, Defense and Confirmation Project, Bibles for America, Bibles for Canada, and Rhema Literature Distributors.

Day 17 – Wednesday, Dec. 19
The forces of religious opposition to the Lord’s recovery to be bound, the names of Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and the local churches to be cleared from blame, and the number of friends of the recovery among Christian leaders to grow.

Day 18 – Thursday, Dec. 20
The establishing and preservation of strong and spiritual marriages and healthy and sanctified families as solid foundational units for the building up of the local churches.

Day 19 – Friday, Dec. 21
The preservation of society from moral degradation and corruption, especially in the United States, which is still a strategic and leading nation for God’s move in His recovery on the earth today.

Day 20 – Saturday, Dec. 22
The hand of God to be upon the leaders in the highest levels of government to guide the North American nations in the fear of God, in reverence for God’s Word, and in respect for His principles, so that the church life can go on in peace.

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