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    Thanksgiving Conference Webcast Schedule

    The Thanksgiving Conference will be held in Oklahoma City, OK. As one of the seven annual feasts of the Lord’s recovery, all the saints are encouraged to either attend the conference or participate in the local webcast.

    The Lord’s speaking in the yearly conferences and trainings are critical for the advance of the churches. To be those who closely follow the ministry (2 Tim. 3:10), we need a seeking and aggressive spirit. We pray the saints will acquire a habitual appetite for the word of the ministry and become beneficiaries of the truth and life that are dispensed by it. Remaining under the speaking of the ministry will keep the church healthy, supplied, constituted, up-to-date, and in the way of God’s New Testament economy. Those saints who attend the conferences never regret doing so and become a big blessing to the church.

    Webcast Schedule:

    Session 1: Friday, Nov. 23—10:00am

    Session 2: Friday, Nov. 23—7:30pm

    Session 3: Saturday, Nov. 24—10:00am

    Session 4: Saturday, Nov. 24—7:30pm

    Session 5: Lord’s Day, Nov. 25—following Lord’s Table @ 9:30am

    Session 6: Lord’s Day, Nov. 25—4:00pm


    Webcast Locations:

    Hall 3: English and Chinese

    Hall 1: Korean


    Please note: On Lord’s Day morning, November 25, Session 5 will follow the Lord’s Table which will be conducted by halls.

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