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Reports re: Armenia & Ukraine

Giving for the Financial Need in Armenia

There are currently 13 local churches in Armenia, with approximately 800 saints. The church in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) is the second largest church in the Russian-speaking world, with 250 saints meeting together. As the number of saints in Armenia began to increase, the state church, which has gained a significant influence over the government, began to oppose the brothers and to limit them, particularly related to meeting places. The persecution from these sources has continued unabated, to the extent that it is very difficult for the saints to rent a meeting place anywhere in the city. This has caused a great deal of suffering to the saints. As a result of the ongoing situation in the country, the Armenian brothers feel the need to open up their situation and the need to obtain their own meeting place to the co-workers and the churches in the recovery.

The brothers have located a two-piece property with a price of $725,000 in the very center of Yerevan, in the midst of three universities right next to the property. About 20,000 students attend these three universities. The saints in Armenia have offered $72,000 for this project and continue to pour out what they have. But Armenia is one of the poorest countries in the world. In relation to material riches, the saints and the churches in Armenia can be considered the “member that lacked” in the Body (1 Cor. 12:24). We believe the Lord would like to abundantly honor this member that lacked. After the fellowship at the 2012 spring ITERO, sufficient offerings came in to purchase the first piece of property. Currently, approximately $150,000 has been received toward the purchase of the second piece of property. There is still a need of around $300,000 to secure this piece.

Saints burdened for the saints and need in Armenia can pray for them and make an offering to the church in Irvine with a designation for Armenia.

Giving for the Conference Center and Meeting Facility in Kiev, Ukraine

There are over 1600 saints meeting in 60 churches throughout the Ukraine. For the advance of the Lord’s move in Ukraine there is currently a conference/training center and meeting hall being built in Kiev, Ukraine. To complete the building of this facility, there is the need of more than a million US dollars.  Saints burdened for the Lord’s move in Ukraine can pray for them and make an offering to the church in Irvine with a designation for “Conference Center in Kiev, Ukraine”.

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