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    Fellowship re: Districting (4)

    On Lord’s Day, Feb. 26, 2012, bro. Minoru Chen continued sharing regarding the matter of districting with the saints in District 8 as the church in Irvine.


    2/26/12 Fellowship – Part I (Length: 0:14:55)

    2/26/12 Fellowship – Part II (Length: 0:14:49)

    2/26/12 Fellowship – Part III (Length: 0:5:28)

    2/26/12 Fellowship – Part IV (Length: 0:11:57)

    2/26/12 Fellowship – Part V (Length: 0:06:02)

    One Response to Fellowship re: Districting (4)

    1. Anairet says:

      This weekend was a good time just to be with some of the new ones as we went to go and visit the dear santis in Vista and San Diego. It was great just to get some circulation in the body. There was much time spent in the cars, yet it was a good time to get to know one another. There were many times of enjoying one another’s company as well as their portion of Christ. The trip was filled with much laughter as well as calling on the name of the Lord. There was physical exercise as well as much spiritual exercise. It was just sweet to enter into what the santis themselves were getting into. The Lord’s Day meeting with the santis in Vista was quite sweet as we all shared the Christ that we enjoyed. Then in San Diego we were able to meet with the college students and have a time to not only sing, but to play fun games to enjoy one another. It was great to see that no matter where we are we are still in the body and we experience the same rich Christ wherever we are.

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