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Fellowship re: Districting (2)

On Lord’s Day, Feb. 5, 2012, bro. Minoru Chen continued his sharing on the matter of “districting,” and in particular, how each district should meet and serve from an intrinsic, spiritual, and practical viewpoint.

Bro. Minoru begins by emphasizing the need for the saints to pursue the truth, grow in life, and learn to function. He then covered the main gatherings of the church (i.e., the Lord’s Table, the prayer meeting, and the prophesying meeting) and concludes with the saints’ primary service in the districts, which is to care for people by contacting and infusing Christ into them and preaching the gospel.


2/5/12 Fellowship – Part I (Length: 0:10:33)

2/5/12 Fellowship – Part II (Length: 0:12:05)

2/5/12 Fellowship – Part III (Length: 0:12:15)

2/5/12 Fellowship – Part IV (Length: 0:10:59)

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