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Prayer Burdens

Local Prayer Burden: Participating in God’s Ultimate Move and the College Conference in Oak Glen

Pray for our increased participation in God’s move by the increase in our experience of the flow of God’s life.

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International Prayer Burden: The Lord’s Move in Germany

The Lord’s Move in Germany

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Local Prayer Burden: Southern California College Conferences

Pray for the attendance of both existing students as well as new students to the conferences on Nov. 10-12 and Nov. 17- 19.

Pray that the atmosphere and speaking in the meetings would be full of the Spirit and for the imparting of a heavenly vision to the students that would become a cap- turing and controlling vision to them.

Regional Prayer Burden: College Conferences

Southern California Fall College Conferences Read more…

International Prayer Burdens: Bible Distribution

Follow-up of the Bible distribution in Europe, especially in Germany Read more…

Local: HS Conference/Rebecca Bayes

Local: HS Conference / Rebecca Bayes Read more…

Regional Prayer Burden: ITERO Review

Regional: ITERO Review Read more…

International Prayer Burden: Gospel

International: Gospel

  •  Pray that all the recent events would cause the white horse of the gospel to run more intensely at the closing of the age.
  •  Pray that the seeds sown during the Euro- pean Bible distribution would be watered and grow and that the gospel spirit would continue to be prevailing among the local saints in the months to come.
  •  Pray for all the saints and communities recovering and rebuilding from the recent natural disasters and tragedies (Rohnert Park, Puerto Rico, Houston, Las Vegas) and that the Lord would cause these events to work out to much salvation among the saints and their communities.

Houston Contributions

Many saints have asked how they might be able to contribute to the church in Houston and the saints there who have lost so much. The brothers in Houston have suggested that those desirous of making a financial contribution do so here: www.churchinhouston.org/offerings

If for some reason you are unable to contribute through the above website, but would still like to contribute to the saints in need in Houston, you can still do so through the church in Irvine. Simply make your offerings through the normal offering means (online or offering boxes), but please place the following designation on your checks an envelopes: “Houston Flood Fund.”

In addition, we have provided the following link for your convenience if you would like to send an offering to the saints in Houston through the church in Irvine’s online offerings site:  http://www.churchinirvineofferings.com/houston-flood-fund

Report from Puerto Rico

Dear brothers,

Just a little update on our situation. Read more…

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