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    Series of Special Talks (#4 & #5)

    The church in Irvine would like to announce the continuation of an online series of special talks given by Brother Minoru Chen to all the saints in Irvine concerning the current world situation, the recent societal upheaval, and our proper response.

    • Special Talk #4 – Wed., 6/10, 8:30-9:30pm
    • Special Talk #5 – Fri., 6/12, 8:30-9:30pm

    Each session will be 1 hour long and can be incorporated into any existing meetings overlapping with these times.

    The sessions will be conducted in English and translated into Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. To access the appropriate channel, click on one of the following links:

    Sharing YouTube through Zoom

    For those groups who would like to incorporate these sessions into your existing meetings, please see these step-by-step instructions for sharing the YouTube livestream through your Zoom host’s session: Sharing-YouTube-thru-Zoom.pdf

    Thanksgiving Conference Webcast

    The Thanksgiving Conference this year will be held in Charlotte, NC. Read more…

    Thanksgiving Conference – Additional Rooms

    The Westin Charlotte, where the meetings of the Int’l Thanksgiving Conference will be held, has sold out of rooms. Read more…

    2018 Winter Training – Final Day to Register


    Mon, Dec 24, 4pm—Sat, Dec 29, 9:30pm

    An additional $50 late fee applies for the Live Training in Anaheim. Webcast late fee of $25 may apply.

    To register, please follow these steps carefully:

    Please go to: login.churchinirvine.org/training (one login credential per registration)

    Paper form:

    Give completed form to a district responsible brother.
    Make sure to designate the correct Hall for your badge packet pickup. Campus districts are considered Hall 2.


    Wednesday Night Ministry Meeting Read more…

    2018 Winter Training and Registration


    Ministry Conference Center, Anaheim, CA. Simultaneous Webcast in Irvine (English/Korean at Hall 3, Chinese at Hall 1) Read more…


    Wednesday Night Ministry Meeting Read more…

    YP Conferences

    Registration is open for the upcoming local YP conferences.  You can sign up at IrvineYP.com, Below are the dates: Read more…

    Sisters Fellowship — September 22

    On Saturday, Sept 22, all sisters in the Church in Irvine are invited to a Sisters Fellowship gathering at Hall 1 from 8:30am -12:00noon. Read more…

    International Thanksgiving Conference

    This year’s International Thanksgiving Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from Thursday, Nov 22 through Lord’s Day, Nov 25, 2018. All churches and individuals are invited to participate in this gathering. Read more…

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