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International Prayer Burdens: Lord’s Move in Germany and in Sri Lanka

Lord’s Move in Germany
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Church-Wide Blending Meeting

The church in Irvine will come together for its quarterly church-wide blending meeting at Hall 1 on December 10 starting with the Lord’s table at 9:30am. The Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees will be returning to join us for this time.

Parking: As with all church-wide gatherings, please carpool as much as possible. Parking in the parking lot should be reserved for those with 3 or more saints, the elderly, and those with children. Other parking is available on the street immediately behind the meeting hall or around Deerfield Park. Trainees and college students should part at Venado Middle School on Deerfield Ave. This is 10 minute walk across Deerfield Community Park from Hall 1.

Children: Children’s service will be coordinated as is usually done with all church-wide gatherings.

International Prayer Burdens: Fall ITERO Speaking and Blending Trips and Labor among the College Students in Germany

Fall ITERO Speaking and Blending Trips 

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Winter Training Annoucement

Place: Ministry Conference Center, 2431 W. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA Read more…

International Prayer Burden: College Campuses in Germany

The beginning of the academic year on the college campuses in Germany. Read more…

International Prayer Burden: The Lord’s Move in Germany

A number who have recently emigrated to Germany have found jobs, have found housing, have been accepted into universities, and have obtained student or work visas. Read more…

Memorable Quotes from the 2017 Summer Training

Our ultimate problem is not filthiness and sin, but death and separation. Read more…

International Prayer Burdens:The Lord’s Move in Europe European Brothers’ Training and International Blending Conference and Germany

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Local Prayer Burden: High School Brothers Conference

  • Pray for the Southern California High School Brothers Conference (April 7-9)

International Prayer Burden: Frankfurt, Germany Specifically and the Lord’s Move in Germany

Update and prayer requests from Frankfurt, Germany:
There have been consistently six to nine new ones coming to our weekly welcome BBQs on Thursday evenings. In addition to the BBQ, the saints are having weekly appointments with an additional six to eight new ones. A majority of them are typical German speaking students. We have begun to meet weekly on Lord’s Day evening for a more focused coordination for the campus labor. Some of the key ones are continuing to be the warm doors to bring in new ones to be baptized on a weekly basis. There were four baptisms last Lord’s Day (Feb. 26) and we had 35 new ones
Feb. 19th.

  • Pray for the continued loosing of key ones on the college campus and the shepherding of promising ones so they can be gained as remaining fruit. May at least ten be gained this year.
  • Pray for the continued shepherding of the migrants so they can become our co-workers to take the God-ordained way. May at least 20 of them be gained as remaining fruit this year.
  • Pray for more saints to be burdened to emigrate and enter into this labor as we are short of hands for the shepherding work.


The Lord’s move in Germany

Please pray:

  • For the month-long follow-up trips during the first half of 2017 for gospel preaching, shepherding, and perfecting of key contacts among the refugees and students, and for the increased labor on the college campuses for the gaining of typical German young people and seeking inter-national students. Those who are able to serve in Germany for a minimum of one month can find information at Ger-many.lebensstrom.de.
  • For the printing of hundreds of thousands of New Testaments for free distribution in Europe after the fall ITERO in Leipzig,Germany, in October 2017. LSM will need to place an order by the end of March 2017. This is an urgent need and offering for this can be given to the church in Ir-vine designating “Bibles for Europe.”
  • For the emigration of burdened saints for the practical strengthening and building up of the local churches in six key cities in Germany and for the labor on the college campuses. An application can be found at lordsmove.org.

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