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India Blending Trip (February 2016)

On Lord’s Day, Mar. 5, 2016, a video report was shown in the corporate church meeting related to a blending trip made by eight saints from the church in Irvine to four churches in India.


India Blending Trip – February 2016

2016 SoCal Blending Conference (April 30-May 1, 2016)

On April 30-May 1, 2016, more than 4,300 saints from 52 churches came together to receive the ministering of the Word and to be charged by the Lord through the Spirit’s up-to-date speaking concerning the present condition and need of the churches in Southern California.

The general subject of the conference was: “The Primary Need for Increase in the Lord’s Recovery Through the Universal Practice of the Priesthood of the Gospel”

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Letter from Sam and Amanda Hall

For the last 4 years, we have been richly fed, nourished, and supplied by all of you in the Church in Irvine, especially in District 12. Read more…

Local Prayer Burden: The Work of the Church

Irvine: The Work of the Church Read more…

National Prayer Burden: Pray for the New Administration

Pray for the New Administration (for those in power) Read more…

International Prayer Burden: International Conference in Anaheim

International Conference in Anaheim (Feb. 17-19) Read more…

YP Progressive Dinner

Saturday, March 4th is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the young people—the Progressive Dinner. Read more…

National Prayer Burden: Pray for the New Administration

Pray for the New Administration (for those in power) Read more…

International Prayer Burdens: FTTA Gospel Trips and International Conference in Anaheim

FTTA Gospel Trips—Follow-Up

  • Pray for the local saints to be richly sup-plied by the Lord’s grace to shepherd the new contacts made through the recent gospel trips.

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Letter from Jemmy and Shining Chen

Dear saints,

When I was gained on the UCI campus in 1993, I did not think I would be in Irvine for 23 years. I watched the children we served in the children’s meeting grow up into faithful servants of the Lord. Now with children of my own, the north wind was blowing when my boss of 20 years passed away early last year, and his lab at UCI closed. At the same time, there were practical considerations for the living situation of our growing family. Sining and I had much fellowship and prayer before the Lord concerning where He would lead us to go. I cast a wide net, sending resumes even to other states, fully open to follow the Lord wherever He would go. But the Lord closed all those doors, as the only job offer I received came from a small company in Cypress with a company culture favorable for the church life for raising a family.

As we were considering the need for a more appropriate home for our growing family, we did not want a homy just for ourselves. We wanted our home search to be for the building of God’s house. Would the Lord lead us to stay in Irvine, and I would commute to Cypress? Or would He lead us to move to another city, perhaps closer to work? The Lord’s word to me was “Cast your net on the other side.”  On the other side of where? On the other side of Irvine? On the other side of which of the cities in which we were looking? Again, the Lord closed the doors that would not be opened and opened the door that would not be shut. We cast our net on the other side of Orange County, and closed escrow on a place in Cypress. We had already met with the saints there.

As we continued to pray that the Lord would gain the building of His Body throughout the process of our move, the Lord spoke a further word in our experiences from the saints who helped us build the furniture from Ikea. There was a sense of satisfaction when a piece of furniture was completed according to every detail in the pictures shown with no parts left over. But when something was finished with even a few of the smallest screws or even a dowel no larger than a pinky finger left over, there was no feeling of rest, although outwardly it seemed complete (those parts belonging in the less visible parts of the furniture). There was the feeling to take it apart and put them in where they belonged. How much more the Lord feels about the indispensability of every member of His body! He left the 99 to seek the one lost sheep because every single one was needed for His building. Whether we are like those of high esteem from the tribe of Judah or those of low esteem from Dan, we all must take part in His building work. Praise the Lord for such a governing vision for every work for His building work. Praise the Lord for such a governing vision for every work for His increase in the Body!

- Jemmy, Shining, Hosanna and Moses Chen

Noah and Huong Lee will host a send-off open house for Jemmy and Shining at their house (12 Reunion, Irvne, CA 92603) from 3:00pm to 4:30pm on February 5, 2017. Please join to send them in blessing.

Local Prayer Burden: The New Administration (for Those in Power)

As instructed in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, pray that this administration will be used by the Lord for the sake of the practice and advancement of the church life and for the sake of all men (for the proclamation of the gospel and truth).

International Prayer Burden: FTTA Gospel Trips (19 Jan 2- Feb) and Brother Tom and Sister Joyce Goetz’s Daughter

FTTA Gospel Trips (19 Jan – 2 Feb) Read more…

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