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India Blending Trip (February 2016)

On Lord’s Day, Mar. 5, 2016, a video report was shown in the corporate church meeting related to a blending trip made by eight saints from the church in Irvine to four churches in India.


India Blending Trip – February 2016

2016 SoCal Blending Conference (April 30-May 1, 2016)

On April 30-May 1, 2016, more than 4,300 saints from 52 churches came together to receive the ministering of the Word and to be charged by the Lord through the Spirit’s up-to-date speaking concerning the present condition and need of the churches in Southern California.

The general subject of the conference was: “The Primary Need for Increase in the Lord’s Recovery Through the Universal Practice of the Priesthood of the Gospel”

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Letter to the Saints in Irvine

O never speak of sacrifice, a privilege untold,
Is to be His at any price,
No mortal tongue can e’er describe the freedom
of the soul,
All things are His, yes life and death, things pre-sent or to come,
Arise the holy bargain strike

As we are sitting here on a flight headed to a foreign land, I am reminded of various lines of hymn #473 that describe our current

The church in Irvine has been my home for the last 36 years. My parents migrated to Irvine in 1980. My early memories include having children’s meeting at Verano Place on the UCI campus while the adults met in a classroom on the University High School campus. Soon afterwards the church bought the property on Irvine Center Drive, and we were soon given the opportunity to participate in small tasks in helping to build the hall, such as spackling and painting a portion of the ladies bathroom. I recall the first wedding meeting held in Hall 1, in which the few young people at the time were quite excited because it was our serving ones getting married! I recall learning how to pray-read and exercise our spirits in the homes of serving ones who are still faithfully serving young people today.

Eventually we too married in the Irvine meet-ing hall and began to raise our children in the church here. Now as the last of our four children have gone away to college, we cannot help but praise and thank the Lord for His mercy in preserving us in such a healthy, stable, and rich church life, one in which our whole family has been shepherded to this day.

Our decision to migrate to Europe began when we consecrated ourselves in the early 1990′s, when the call was sounded of the Lord’s need. At the time we were a young couple with 4 young children. Even though we had the willingness to go, it seemed like there was not a way for us to go practically. Years passed and as the children began to grow and settle into their teenage years, making such a move seemed even more impossible and improbable. When we would suggest such a move, the children’s response was “you can move when we graduate.” Additionally, at the time our practical situation still did not seem to allow it.

As the children began to graduate, the Lord led and afforded us the opportunity to attend the Middle Age Training in Anaheim as
a couple. What a blessing that was to us! For one year we were flooded with the riches in His Word, and were able to blend with a number of saints.

We went to the training with the hope that the Lord would make us more send-able. However, as we were finishing the training in
2014, it was still unclear as to where and when the Lord would send us. We signed up for a gospel trip with the FTTA to Europe that was to occur in January 2016, with the hope that the Lord would burden us with a place. Because of the situation with the refugees, the trainees were mainly sent to Germany. At the conclusion of the trip, we were quite clear, the time was ripe for us to go to Germany. Through fellowship with various members in the Body, and in consideration of our practical situation, we felt that the Lord was leading us to make the move now.

We consider it a privilege that we can cooperate with the Lord at this time, while we are still able. It is a “holy bargain”, and so
freeing to be His at any price. We thank the Lord for the prayers and supply in the Body that has upheld us for this move. We also would like to thank the saints in Irvine for all their supply and shepherding. May the Lord gain what He is after in all of us for His move today.
—Sydney and Lina Kwan

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